Monday, June 22, 1908 The Globe (Toronto) Page 3

Burk's Falls fire-swept.

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Huntsville, but arrived too late to be of any use.

Wm. Schroeter was badly burned on the face and hands and was taken to the hospital on Sunday.

Burk's Falls in a village of about nine hundred population in the Parry Sound district, situated on the G. T. R. line running to North Bay. The selection of the town site was an extremely happy one, being right at the beautiful falls from which it obtains its names. Not far above the village is the junction of the two branches of the Magnetewan River, both of which come from Algonqin Park. The falls provide by far the most important water power on the entire river, and this power was partially developed before the advent of the railway into the district. The Magnetewan is navigable from Georgian Bay as far as the village, and the place forms the terminus of a flourishing summer boat route. A few years ago several large sawmills carried an extensive business there, but some of them have moved back nearer the woods. Burk's Falls has been a favourite rendezvous for huntsmen in the autumn, and many hunting parties have been organized there. Because of the rough scenery in the near vicinity and the abundance of lakes and little streams the summer tourist traffic has been of great importance for years.

The village had about twenty stores, three hotels, two sawmills, one sash and door factory, one woodworking factory, one tannery and other minor industries.

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