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May 1901, No. 39 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 156, col. 2

Railway development.

Projected lines, surveys, construction, betterments, etc.


Magnetawan River Ry. Co.—J. Sharpe, H. Knight, E. H. Smith, J. D. Reid, and R. J. Watson, of Burk's Falls; S. G. Ritter, Ahmic Harbor; G. McKnight, E. A. Morris, and J. S. Freeborn, of Magnetawan; W. Robertson, Dunchurch; G. Alexander, Ryerson; and A. P. Cockburn, Gravenhurst, were incorporated at the last session of the Ontario Legislature under this title, to construct and operate a standard gauge railway from Burk's Falls, to a point on the Magnetawan River where it is navigable for vessels. The capital is fixed at $30,000, and power is given to issue bonds to the extent of $15,000 a mile. The Co. may construct and operate telegraph and telephone lines along its railway, and is authorized to enter into an agreement with the G.T.R. for the lease or sale of its undertaking. In the act respecting aid to railways a grant of $10,000 was voted in aid of this railway.

Railways: G.T.Ry., M.R.Ry

Stations: Burks Falls, Magnetawan Wharf