Thursday, October 1, 1903 The Globe (Toronto) Page 2, col. 1

No western grain.

Freight movement to Montréal is light.

An opinion as to why the woolen mills are not prosperous—G. T. R. works at Allandale.

Special Despatch to The Globe.

Grand Trunk changes.

A number of changes in the appointments of Grand Trunk officials have been decided, among them the following: Mr. H. F. Coyle is appointed trainmaster, 6th and 7th districts, vice Mr. W. Holmesm transferred. He will report to and receive instructions from the Assistant Superintendent; office at Belleville. Mr. C. S. Cunningham, who was Assistant Superintendent at Island Poind, goes to London, Ont., the middle division, in the same capacity. Mr. W. E. Costello, who has been Assistant Superintendent at London, is appointed Assistant Superintendent of the 25th and 26th districts, with jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to transportation, and with his office at Battle Creek, Mich. Mr. J. E. Ehrke, trainmaster of the 26th district, with office at Battle Creek, will hereafter report to Mr. Costello, as Assistant Superintendent.



The G.T.R. contemplates making some improvements at Allandale. A roundhouse is to be built, capable of accommodating 25 engines. There will be a small repair shop in connection with it. More trackage will be laid in the same town to meet the requirements of an increased business, and land has already been purchased to extend the yards.

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Allandale