December 1903, No. 70 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 421, col. 1

G.T.R. betterments, construction, etc.


Allandale yards, etc.—The new roundhouse, under construction at Allandale, Ont., will be of similar size to that recently completed at Fort Erie. It will be in the form of three-quarters of a circle, having a diameter of 330 ft., and a height of 25 ft.; with a depth of 80 ft. There are 27 stalls; which surround a turntable with a steel platform, 70 ft. in length. Adjoining is a machine shop, 50 ft. by 125 ft., having a smoke-stack, 75 ft. in height. There is also being built a store and office building, 115 ft. by 20 ft. The basement will be used for oil and other stories, and for records, while the master mechanic and his staff will have offices upstairs. These builds are being constructed of concrete, the roof of the roundhouse and machine shop being of felt and gravel, and the office building of slate. (Nov., pg. 387.)

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Allandale