Thursday, June 2, 1904 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 4, col. 3

The new west-end station

It will be a most pretentious structure—Budget news from the Railway Ward—Progress on the shops—Two weddings during the weel.


It is not much environment for the G.T.R. to beautify their premises at Allandale, while the town allows the wharf to remain in such a dilapidated condition.

On Saturday the Grand Trunk began to bring in the first installments of the winter's supply of coal. Forty thousand tons will be stored here during the summer for use next winter.


Most satisfactory progress was made on the roundhouse and machine shops within the last couple of weeks. The excavating for the pits in the engine stalls has been completed and the work of putting in the cement lining is now going on. The water pipes are in and men are engaged in painting the walls. The original plans of the machine shop have been altered considerably. It will be 180 feet in length instead of 125 feet, and the pumps will be placed outside in order to make additional room in the shop.


The plans for the new station, as finally approved of, are now in the hands of Supt. Tiffin, and show that, under the specifications, Allandale is to be graced by railway buildings of the most pretentious and handsome appearance. The structure will partake largely of the Swiss style of architecture, with numerous diamond paned gable windows, and will be of wood, although glazed brick will be largely used for decorative purposes. As stated in the Advance a couple of weeks ago, the three buildings will be connected by umbrella roofs, and will be erected parallel with the curve of the main tracks. The restaurant will be in the centre, with the Superintendent's office at one end and the station at the other. The restaurant will be 49×84 feet in size, and will contain a dining-room, office, bar, apartment for sale of flowers and cigars, serving room, kitchen and larders. The station is to be 24 ft. 6 in.×71 ft. 10 in., with a large circular bay window extension facing south. It will be divided into a general waiting-room and separate waiting rooms for men and women, with toilet rooms attached, ticket office, baggage and express rooms.

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