August 1904, No. 78 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 285, col. 1

G.T.R. betterments, construction, etc.

Portland station.—The G.T.R new station building at Portland, Me., of which an illustration appears on this page, extends along India Street 140 ft., and on Fore Street 140 ft. The principal front is 90 ft. in length, and runs at an angle of 45 from India to Fore Street. It is built in the Romanesque style, of granite and pressed brick, and the roof is covered with standard tile. The main waiting-room is 32 by 72 ft. and 30 ft. high to the point where the groined arches intersect upon the ceiling. The ticket office is located directly opposite the main entrance, and ladies' room, smoking room and other conveniences are provided. The dining room is 32 by 33 ft., is south of the waiting room, and the baggage, express, telegraph and customs' rooms are on the Fore Street side. An elevation and ground-floor plan appeared on pg. 403 of our Dec. issue, 1902 (Mar., 1903, pg. 89.)

Allandale station, yards, etc.—The new roundhouse at Allandale, Ont., is practically completed, and a new station and refreshment rooms are under construction. The station building is 72 ft. 4 in. by 28 ft., with a large bay window at the south end. This bay window, 18 1/2 ft. by 10 1/2 ft. deep, is the main feature of the general waiting room. Adjoining this is a women's waiting room, toilet room, baggage and express room, and ticket office. A covered platform 60 ft. in length connects the station with the restaurant building which is 49 by 84 ft., and faces the main lines. The dining room is 60 by 37 ft. and adjoining is bar, kitchen and other necessary rooms. The foundations of the building are concrete, and the superstructure is fancy brick, timber with a tile roof. There is also some grading being done in the yard preparatory to its being remodelled, plans for which work are in preparation.

Collingwood, Midland, Toronto and Scarboro' Heights.—We are advised that there is no foundation for any reports that the company will build a cut off on the Northern Division to connect the Midland and Penetanguishene branches, in the vicinity of Elmvale, Ont. An officer of the company has since stated that the matter has been talked about in various quarters for years, and that it was as near accomplishment at present as it was about 18 years ago when first discussed. As to the other matters the same officer said they were in the air but that was all at the present time. (July, pg. 247.)

Parliament Buildings Yard, Toronto.—The new outwards freight shed has been completed, and on July 25, tracklaying had so far progressed that only one additional track was required to complete the layout. (July, pg. 247.)

Yards at Mimico.—An area of land, over 200 acres in extent, has been acquired at Mimico, Ont., adjacent to the G.T.R. station, on which it is proposed to lay out a large freight yard where freight trains will be broken tip, the cars sorted, and remade up into trains. This is do away with a large amount of work now done in the Toronto yards, which takes up a great deal of space and causes a lot of inconvenience in the handling of cars. The business to be done in the Toronto yards, when this project is carried through, will consist entirely of handling freight in and out of the city, the other work being done outside. The plans for this yard are not prepared; some sketches have been made with the object of deciding how best to lay out the area, but nothing definite has been adopted. The work is in charge of the Division Engineer at Toronto, F. L. Somerville.

Hamilton-Sarnia Second Track.—The grading for the second track work between Hamilton and Lynden, Ont., is in a forward state and tracklaying will be commenced at ail early date. On the section between Paris and London, the work is being done from the London end, grading for the second track has been completed into Woodstock, and the steel has been delivered. The stone work for the enlargement of the bridge over the Thames just west of London has been delivered. (July, pg. 247.)

Brantford-Paris improvements.—The improvements on the line between Brantford and Paris, Ont., are being pushed forward, and will be completed by the fall. The work includes the reduction of gradients and laying a second track. The new gradient will be 4/10 of 1%. There are some small changes being made in the alignment but they are not very material. (Feb., pg. 59.)

Guelph Station.—The Guelph, Ont., city council has passed a by-law, agreeing to sell the public park to the G.T.R. for $5,000 on condition that a station with satisfactory subways, crossings, etc., be erected, the station building to cost not less than $35,000. The by-law has to be submitted to the taxpayers for approval.

London Roundhouse.—A new roundhouse is to be built at East London, Ont. The house will accommodate 48 locomotives, and will cost about $75,000. The old roundhouse on Waterloo St. is to be torn down and the site will be added to the switching accommodation in the yard.

Interswitching line at London.—The necessary right of way for the construction of a line to connect the G.T.R. and C.P.R. lines in London, Ont., has been secured by the G.T.R. The proposed line will leave the St. Marys branch at Egerton St., where the company has purchased eight acres of land for switching purposes. From this yard, which extends as far as Francis St., the line will parallel Patrick St., until Dundas St. is reached, where the line will gradually curve round until it affects a junction with the C.P.R. near Egerton St. The work will be gone on with at an early date; the necessary permission for level crossings and connection having been given by the Railway Commission.

Stratford shops.—Application has been made to the Stratford, Ont., city council by the G.T.R. to have the company's taxation in the city fixed at $8,000 a year for 25 years. This is the present amount and the by-law fixing it has seven years yet to run, but as the company contemplates spending $120,000 in adding to its shops it wants to have the present assessment continued. The matter is under consideration. We are advised that the enlargement of the shops will be dependent upon the action taken by the city authorities in regard to the application for fixing taxation on a reasonable basis for a period of years. The new buildings will include a boiler shop, 169 by 120 ft.; tender shop, 326 by 120 ft.; brass foundry, 75 by 40 ft.; and an extension of 50 ft. to the present blacksmith shop.

Railways: C.P.Ry., G.T.Ry.

Stations: Allandale, Mimico Yard, Wyevale