Thursday, August 10, 1911 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 5, col. 4

Hand car demolished.


On Saturday night No. 48, which was running at a fair speed on account of being late, struck a handcar near the gas works in Barrie and broke it almost beyond recognition. A couple of Italians who are working with the gang of men at Raikes' crossing, were returning from Town with a load of groceries and did not notice No. 48 till she was upon them. They had just time to hump for their lives and their groceries, etc., were all hurled into the lake. G.T.R. detective Scott was soon on the scene and made a hurried investigation and trouble is sure in store for someone for causing the accident, which might have cost a couple of lives.

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Barrie, Shanty Bay