August 11, 1961 B.R.C. File No. 4205.688 (Palgrave) (Ottawa)

Canadian National Railways
Legal Department
H. C. Friel, Q.C.
Vice-President and General Counsel
Refer to file no. 886-R7
A. D. McDonald, Q.C.
General Solicitor
Lionel Cote, Q.C.
Assistant General Solicitor
P. Taschereau, Q.C.
I. E. McPherson
H. J. G. Pye
Assistant Solicitor
W. G. Boyd
Commission Counsel
Montréal 1 August 11, 1961

C. W. Rump, Esq.,
Board of Transportation Commissioners,
Ottawa, Ontario.

File 4205.688

Dear Sir:

Our station building at Palgrave, Ontario, mileage 48.9 Milton Subdivision is no longer required for operating purposes and it is our intention to retire and not replace it.

There is no passenger service on our Milton Subdivision. Express and L.C.L. freight traffic for this point is handled through Tottenham, 6 miles to the north. Carload freight is set out and lifted from Palgrave, billing for this traffic also being handled through Tottenham. Elimination of the station will have no effect on tariffs as this is handled as a flag station to Tottenham.

Palgrave station is located in the County of Peel, Township of Albion, the Reeve being Mr. Roderick Johnson and the Clerk Mr. George Holtby both of whom can be reached through Mono Road P.O., Ontario.

A copy of this letter is being sent to Mr. Roderick Johnson, Reeve of the County of Peel, Mono Road Post Office, Ontario.

Yours truly,
W. G. Boyd
Commission Counsel.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Palgrave