September 11, 1961 B.R.C. File No. 4205.688 (Palgrave) (Ottawa)

Canadian National Railways
Law Department
H. C. Friel, Q.C.
Vice-President and General Counsel
Refer to file No. 886-R7
A. D. McDonald, Q.C.
General Solicitor
Lionel Cote, Q.C.
Assistant General Solicitor
P. Taschereau, Q.C.
I. E. McPherson
H. J. G. Pye
Assistant Solicitor
W. G. Boyd
Commission Counsel
Montréal 1 September 11, 1961

C. W. Rump, Esq.,
Board of Transportation Commissioners,
Ottawa, Ontario.

File 4205.688 - Removal of station building at Palgrave, Ontario.

Dear Sir:

With reference to my letter of August 11th, I enclose original communication of September 6th from the Municipality of the Township of Albion.

Yours truly,
W. G. Boyd
Commission Counsel.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Palgrave