December 1899, No. 22 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 348, col. 1

Grand Trunk betterments, etc.


During 1899, 13 miles of second track have been laid between Montréal & Toronto, which leaves only about 46 of single track from Port Hope to Port Union. A surveying party is on this section, & if business is good it will be double tracked in the near future. The second track from Hamilton to Niagara Falls is laid out, & the work will be proceeded with next season. As we have already announced, it has been decided to double track the line from Port Huron to Chicago in the near future, & 10 miles of grading from Port Huron west are about completed. On the main lines 315 miles have been laid with 80 lbs. steel rails, while 285 miles of these rails, replaced by the 80 lbs., have been laid down on the branch lines, the latter being from 72 to 79 lbs,, & replacing in turn rails of from 56 to 60 lbs. So it will be seen that 60 miles of the lines have been greatly strengthened & improved. From Portland to Chicago there are now laid 720 miles of standard 80 lbs. rails, while the steel in the balance of the main line between those points average from 72 to 79 lbs. During 1899, 1,826,857 ties have been put in, 1,344,374 being cedar, purchased in Canada. The Co. has put down this year 321 miles of gravel & 50 miles of cinder ballast, 123 miles of fencing, & 63 miles of yards & sidings.

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Port Hope, Port Union