January 1906, No. 95 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 29, col. 3

G.T.R. betterments, construction, etc.

Track elevation at Montréal.—An intimation has been given to the Board of Railway Commissioners to the effect that the company's officers have under consideration the provision of a new station and the carrying out of extensive improvements at Montréal. It is stated that the improvements include the building of a new passenger station opposite the Bonaventure Station, on the north side of St. James St., the conversion of the present station into a freight depot, and the elevation of the tracks from the new station almost to Lachine. The estimated cost of the works is placed at $6,000,000. The plans have not been completed.

Turcot yards, etc.—The new roundhouse at Turcot, Que., has been completed and work on the laying out of the yard there is in progress.

Toronto improvements.—The Level Crossings Committee of the Toronto City Council has expressed a general approval of the company's plans for the abolishing of level crossings on the line. The plans submitted provide for the depression of the tracks from Bathurst St. to Sunnyside, and the construction of a viaduct from Sunnyside to the Humber. The estimated cost of this work is $1,050,000. There has also been discussed a project for the elevation of the tracks in the east end of the city, and the bringing of all trains on a viaduct along the lake shore from Scarboro bluffs. The one work will be the complement of the other, and a statement was made at the meeting with the committee that the plans only awaited the approval of the directors and the providing of the money to carry them out.

Mimico yards.—The work of laying out the new yards at Mimico, Ont., on the Toronto-Hamilton line has been practically completed, so far as the present plans go. There are, however, some further work to be done, for which plans have not been finally approved. The 30-stall roundhouse described in our Aug., 1905, issue, has been completed, but it is not yet being used. There are two tracks in the yard, one for eastbound and the other for westbound freight. In each yard there are four receiving tracks and eight sorting or distributing tracks. The work of laying out the yard is being done by the company under the charge of F. L. Somerville, Resident Engineer, Toronto, and his staff. (Aug., 1905, pg. 363.)

Hamilton.—A new 22-stall roundhouse has been built at Stuart St. station, Hamilton, Ont.

Sarnia tunnel.—In reference to press reports that a contract has been awarded for electric locomotives, power houses, etc., for the operation of trains through this tunnel by electricity we were advised, Dec. 18, that there had been no change in the situation, and that the matter was still under consideration.

Battle Creek shops.—We have been advised that it is not possible to state when work will be started on the new shops at Battle Creek, Mich., as the plans and specifications are still under consideration.

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