September 1923, No. 307 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 433, col. 3

Canadian National Railways construction, betterments, etc.


Hamilton improvements.—Following the conference between C. G. Bowker, General Manager, and F. L. C. Bond, Chief Engineer, Central Region, with the city authorities on the railway situation in Hamilton and vicinity, at which matters connected with the layout of the railway lines, the improvements desired by the city, and the necessity for an increased train service were discussed, there have been a good deal of discussion and a number of conferences. Business men favor the construction of a new station at the corner of James and Stuart Streets, and a general plan of betterments is reported to have been prepared by the City Engineer to be sent to the C.N.R. officials for consideration.

The C.N.Rys. have applied to the Board of Railway Commissioners for approval of plans for the erection of a new station at the corner of King St. and Ferguson Ave., to replace the present Ferguson Ave. station. The plans show a building 71 1/2×20 ft., with a roofed over space at the south end, 18 ft. long, the building to be of brick on a concrete foundation, 1 1/2 stories high, with gabled roof. The city council's railway committee considered the plans on Aug. 17 and authorized the City Solicitor to protest against such approval.

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