April 1926, No. 338 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 178, col. 1

Canadian National Railways construction, betterments, etc.

Hamilton station.—The Hamilton, Ont., city council's special railway committee decided on Feb. 27 to ask the C.N.R. management whether the estimates for the year would contain an appropriation for the construction of an improved station there. On March 2 it was reported that Canadian National Realties Co. had secured nearly all the properties in the Stuart St. area which would be required for station extension purposes, and that it had refused to grant renewals of the leases of a number of them, giving only monthly tenancies. When Sir Henry Thornton was in Hamilton, March 11, he met the city councils special railway committee and is reported to have advised the committee that the management hoped to complete the purchase of the land required for station purposes during this year, and that unless something unforeseen occurred an amount would be placed in the appropriations for 1927 on account of the new building, the intention being that the new building, etc., would cost somewhere about $1,000,000.

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