December 1901, No. 46 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 362, col. 2

Grand Trunk betterments, etc.

Portland, Me., terminals.—The smelting works property below the eastern promenade has been acquired with a view to further track extension at the terminals. The station building will not be gone on with until next spring, and its location will be on the corner of Fore and India streets.

Point St. Charles.—The new station on Wellington St., Montréal, has been completed. It if 60 by 28 ft., and has a floor space of 1,700 sq. ft. It is built of brick with stone dressings and cornice, and contains waiting rooms, ticket office and baggage room.

Montréal freight offices.—Plans for the new freight offices on Chaboillez square have been approved. The building will be of the same style of architecture as Bonaventure station, and will front on Chaboillez square on a line with Colborne st. It will be 250 by 50 ft., and will be built of brick at an estimated cost of $40,000.

The new general offices in Montréal will not be ready for occupancy until towards spring. The boilers for the machinery from the Polson Iron Works, Toronto, have been erected.

Montréal elevator.—It is proposed to erect an elevator at Windmill point, or some other convenient point in Montréal harbor, and R. A. Waite, of Buffalo, is preparing plans.

Montréal-Toronto double track.—With the exception of a small section between Port Hope and Whitby the double-tracking of the line from Montréal to Toronto will be completed this year. The improvements carried out this season include the raising of the grade in order to reduce the gradient in getting over the Scarboro' heights. General Supt. McGuigan has recently been inspecting the progress of the work. (Sept., pg. 277).

Toronto Jct. to Wexford.—We are officially informed that there is no foundation for recent press reports that the Co. was securing running powers over the C.P.R. from Toronto Jct. to Wexford, and would build a connection from that point to the main line.

Hamilton-Niagara Falls double track.—Owing to heavy traffic this season work on the completion of the double-tracking of this section has been delayed, and nothing will be done beyond Jordan this year. The 26 miles required to complete the work will be gone on with in the spring, and the work prosecuted to an early finish.


Windsor-Detroit ferry.—A plant has been installed at Windsor, Ont., for the purpose of operating the turntables at the ferry slip docks by steam instead of by hand as formerly.

G.T. Western.—The double-tracking between Port Huron and Durand, Mich., 82.29 miles, was expected to be completed by the end of Nov. Men have been scarce and the work was somewhat delayed. Surveys have been made by T.S. Henley, assistant engineer, for double-tracking the line between Battle Creek and Lansing, Mich., 45 miles. (July, pg. 211.)

Press reports credited the G. T. Western Rd. and the Pere Marquette Rd. with having combined to build a belt line round Lansing, Mich., but this has been denied.

Speaking of the elevation of the tracks of the five companies owning the terminal lines entering Chicago, the G.T. Western being one, G. W. Vaux, Assistant General Passenger Agent at Chicaho, recently stated that G.T.R. passenger traffic in the west is increasing by rapid strides, and there is every reason to believe it will continue to expand. The elevation of the tracks, while it will be a very expensive affair, will mean great additional facilities for the handling of the growing traffic.

Central Vermont Ry.—The Québec Southern Ry. has been notified that it must place interlocking switches at the point where its line intersects the C.V.Ry. at Iberville, Que., 28 miles from Montréal.

In connection with its proposed terminal improvements in New London, Conn., the C.V.Ry. made application to the U.S. War Department for permission to erect a trestle bridge at Hartford, Conn., in place of the present drawbridge. At a public hearing considerable opposition was made against granting the permission, the main ground being that the erection of the trestle would close the port to commerce except for the smallest boats. The cove now accommodates vessels of 1,500 tons, and could be dredged to a depth of 40 ft.

The city council of New London, Conn., has rejected the petition of the C.V.Ry., to appropriate $21,000 for eliminating two highway grade crossings, on condition that the Co. erected a grain elevator and made other improvements at East New London at a cost of $500,000. A committee was, however, appointed to confer with the Co. as to a new proposal which, if obtained, will be submitted to the voters at a general election.

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Hamilton, Jordan, Niagara Falls