December 1902, No. 58 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 405, col. 3

Grand Trunk betterments, etc.

Portland station.—The new station which the Co. intends erecting at Portland, Me., will, in every sense of the word, be modern and up-to-date. It will extend along India st., 140 ft., and the same distance on Fore st., and will be set back from the sidewalk 20 ft.; the front of the station, 90 ft. long, will run from India st. to Fore st. at an angle of 45° to each street. The Romanesque style of architecture will be used. The material for the exterior will be granite and fire-flashed mottled pressed brick. The roof will be covered with Spanish tile. The main waiting room will be 36 and 72 ft., and will be 30 ft. high where the groined arches intersect to form the ceiling. Above the lobby will be a row of clerestory windows glazed with leaded glass. The walls of the waiting room, to the height of 12 ft., will be of white marble, and above that will be of decorated plaster. The floors will be of mosaic tile. At the south end of the waiting room will be a niche 7 by 18 ft. for a large fireplace; the corresponding niche at the north end will be for a news and parcel stand. The ticket office will be in the back of the room, opposite the main entrance; this will be built of marble and bronze, 12 ft. high. In the southwest corner of the waiting room will be the ladies' room with toilet adjoining. In the northwest corner will be the men's smoking room. South of the general waiting room will be the dining room, 32 by 33 ft. This will be finished in marble similar to the waiting room, and will have a seating capacity of 32 people, as well as a luncheon counter. Along the Fore st. side will be the room for the baggage, express, telegraph and customs rooms. Spier & Rohn, Detroit, Mich., are architects.


Bonaventure station.—Plans are consideration for a complete rearrangement of the office accommodation at Bonaventure station, Montréal. In the original layout of the offices considerable space was wasted, and the rooms are now overcrowded. The object of the proposed rearrangement is to modernize the inside of the building and provide additional accommodation for several of the departments.


Kingston subway.—The Frontenac country council proposes applying to the Railway Committee of the Privy Council for an order compelling the Co. to construct a subway under its tracks at the Montréal st. crossing just outside Kingston, Ont.

Peterboro to Midland.—In connection with the negotiations that have been going on with the C.P.R. by which that Co. will have an entrance into Midland, it is understood that, in the event of an agreement being reached, the G.T.R. line will double-tracked between Peterboro and Midland, Ont.

Northern division stations.—A new station has been completed at Stayner, Ont., and a new building at Alliston is in course of erection.

Toronto.—The improvement of the yards at Don station, Toronto, have been completed with the exception of the laying of one line or rails. (Oct., pg. 340.)

The Co. has acquired from the Ontario Government a 21-years' lease, with option of purchase at the end of five or ten years at a fixed price, or by arbitration at the end of the term, of the site of the old Parliament buildings. The land acquired has a frontage of 954 ft. to Front st., and a depth of 427 ft. to Wellington st. The Co. has also secured options on blocks of adjoining land westerly from John st. to Windsor st., and running from Front st. to Esplanade st. The land acquired will be utilized as freight yards, plans for which are being prepared. It is proposed to transfer the freight offices to the new site, and to utilize the present freight offices in adding to the accommodation at the Union station. In carrying out the alterations its is stated that the site now acquired will be cut down to the level of the present tracks, and the soil taken out will be used to fill in the shallow water between Spadina avenue and Bathurst st., thus reclaiming about 40 acres, which will be used as a shunting yard. The reclaimed land will be supported at the bay front by a cement and artificial stone wall.

Hamilton freight yards.—It is proposed to construct a switch along Caroline st., and extending to the Copp foundry, on York st., for the accommodation of the west-end manufacturers.

In connection with the extension of the yards on Ferguson ave., for which the Co. has purchased a block of land between Robert and Barton streets, in line with the present yards, the city council is asked to permit the closing of Robert st. between Ferguson ave., about halfway to Elgin st., the Co. to pay for the land thereby acquired, so that it may be thrown into the yard area. The old freight shed is to be torn down and a new shed 40 ft. wide, and extending the whole length of the present yard and the acquired property, will be built if the required consent to the closing of the road is obtained. When the work on the yard is completed it is the intention of the Co. to transfer the whole freight business there, and to use the existing freight sheds on Strachan st. for storage purposes.

Hamilton-Niagara Falls double-track.—It is not expected that this work will be completed this year. Owing to the heavy character of the work and the difficulty of obtaining men, there has been delay in getting on the cuttings. (Oct., pg. 341.)

Bridge strengthening, Southern division.—The new bridge at Cayuga, Ont., is completed, and work has been commenced in renewing the bridge at Tilsonburg.

Brantford deviation.—The deviation, which will take the Niagara to Windsor main line through Brantford, leaves the present main line at milepost 59.50 from Niagara Falls, near Lynden station, and connects with the present branch from Harrisburg, about 3 1/4 miles from that place, involving 4.12 miles of new construction. The new line will have a maximum gradient of 14 ft. to the mile, and the greatest curvature will be 1°20' at Lynden station. There will be no bridges on the route, but there will be some iron pipe culverts with masonry ends. A portion of the branch line Tilsonburg, and the section of the Buffalo-Goderich line to Paris will be used in connection with the new construction. On these lines new superstructures will be provided for all the bridges. A proposal to lift the tracks 6 1/2 ft. at Grand River bridge, south of Paris, and to reduce the approach grades is under consideration. The contractors for the new construction between Lynden and the Harrisburg branch are: earthwork, J. A. Dart, Tilsonburg, Ont.; bridges and masonry, Hon. Wm. Gibson , Beamsville, Ont. We were advised Oct. 16 that about two-thirds of the earthwork had been completed, and that with good weather and a sufficiency of labor it was expected to have this work completed by the first week in Dec. (Oct. pg. 341.)

Port Huron-Chicago double-tracking.—At the meetings of the subsidiary companies recently held in Detroit, it was stated that of the 335 miles of track between Port Huron and Chicago, the double-track was completed and in operation of 157 miles. Many of the heavy gradients have been cut down to enable locomotives to handle more loaded cars, while at Flint, Mich., a detour of 10 miles has been made to escape a particularly heavy grade, the new part being intended for freight and mixed trains, while the old part will be given over to passenger traffic. (Oct., pg. 341.)

Chicago track elevation.—It is expected that the work of elevating the tracks of the five companies incorporated under the title of the Chicago and Western Indiana Terminal Co. in Chicago, Ill., will be commenced at an early date. For the past two years engineers have been preparing plans, and officials have been purchasing the land required, and it is stated that all the details will be completed by the end of the year. A meeting of the executive heads of the companies will be held in New York shortly to arrange for financing the work. F. W. Morse, Third Vice-President, has, under C. M. Hays, Second Vice-President and General Manager, charge of the matter for the G.T.R.

The Central Vermont Ry. has completed plans for a new freight shed at New London, Conn.

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