July 1924, No. 317 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 357, col. 1

Canadian National Railways construction, betterments, etc.


Ottawa freight yard.—We are officially advised that the railway has acquired some property at the corner of Bessemer St. and Mill Lane, Ottawa, adjoining its freight sheds, on which it is proposed to build an additional freight shed and to extend the team track facilities. (June, pg. 280i.)

Port Credit-Hamilton third track.—The extension of the third track, which was laid in 1923 from Mimico to Port Credit, Ont., from Port Credit to Hamilton, is reported to be under consideration. The work would require the reconstruction of 3 bridge at Port Credit, Oakville and Bronte, respectively. A press report states that some work will probably be done this year, and that track will probably be laid next year. Canadian Railway and Marine World is advised that the Central Region management has not further information in regard to the matter. (Aug. 1923, pg. 378.)

Hamilton tracks.—The question of the tracks on Ferguson Ave., Hamilton, Ont., has been under discussion for some time, the city council desiring that they be removed. The effect of this would be that the east end route would be adopted for traffic crossing the mountain. The mayor is reported to have been advised that the railway has no intention of removing its tracks from Ferguson Ave. at the present.

Niagara Falls bridge.—We are officially advised in connection with the reconstruction of the bridge over the main line tracks at Niagara Falls, Ont., that the work will be done by the railway's own forces, and that it will be started at an early date. The present structure consists of one girder span on timber frame bents, with timber approaches, which has served its purpose. The new bridge is to be built with concrete walls and concrete dwarf piers, the span over the main line tracks will be of sufficient length to take care of a future extension of a siding on the north side. The superstructure will consist of girder spans now in stock. The floor beams will consist of rolled beams rivetted to the side girders, on which will be placed released T rails embedded in concrete, which will form the flooring. The approach gradients, which, for the present bridge, are 9%, will be reduced to 8% in the new one.

Georgetown highway bridge.—The bridge construction forces are rebuilding the highway bridge at mile 28.47, Brampton Subdivision, at Georgetown, Ont. The present structures, which is of timber, construction, consisting of frame bents supporting longitudinal stringers, with a 3 in. plank floor, was built about 18 years ago, and is being replaced on account of its physical condition. The new structure will consist of concrete abutments and dwarf piers, and the superstructure will consist of a deck plate girder span of 32 ft. over the main line, with a deck plate girder span of 25 ft. on the north side and a similar span of 28 ft. on the south side. The span over the main line will be carried on steel columns, resting on the dwarf concrete piers. The steel spans will be supplied from stock spans released from other places, and readjusted to suit this bridge. The floor system will consist of 24 in. rolled beams spaced approximately 14 ft. centers and rivetted to the side girders, on which will be placed released T girders embedded in concrete to form the flooring. The bridge will have a clear width horizontally of 20 ft. and a vertical clearance of 22 1/2 ft. over tacks. The present approach gradient of 11.43% on the north approach, will be reduced to 8.13%, and that on the south side will be reduced from 10% to 5%. The bridge is being rebuilt according to the Canadian Engineering Standards Association recommended practice for steel highway bridges, 1922, and will be capable of carrying 15-ton trucks.

Kitchener grade separation.—We are advised that the proposal made by the city for the elimination of level crossings in Kitchener, Ont., was to have subways at 5 streets, viz.: Strange, King, Edward, Ahrens and Lancaster, plans for which were submitted to the railway for consideration. No agreement was reached, but the railway officials stated that co-operation would only be extended at present to the proposed subway on King St. and to the extension of the shunting yard further to the east, which would relieve the situation on Lancaster St. (June, pg. 208i.)

Beaverton highway bridge.—The railway's bridge and building forces are reconstructing the bridge carrying the highway over the railway at mile 105.5, near Beaverton, Ont. The present timber bridge, built in 1904, consists of frame bents supporting longitudinal stringers with a 3 in. plank flooring. The new structure will consist of concrete abutments and dwarf piers, with 44 ft. deck plate girder span, carried on iron bents over the tracks, giving space for future tracks, with girder spans of 55 ft. 8 in. and 55 ft. on the south and north approaches, respectively. The floor system will consist of 24 in. I beams spaced on approximately 13 ft. centers, rivetted to side girders, with released T rails embedded in concrete. The present approach gradients of 10 and 11% will be reduced to 5%. The new structure will have a vertical clearance of 22 1/2 ft. and a horizontal clearance of 20 ft.

Huntsville station.—The new station at Huntsville, Ont., consists of a one story brick veneer structure on concrete foundations on the site of the old station. If is 95×34 ft., the accommodation consisting of a general waiting room 26×50 ft.; women's room and smoking room, each 15 3/4×19 ft., with lavatories adjoining; office, 14×15 ft., and baggage room, 14 x32 ft. Adjoining the station eastward is a new freight shed, which occupies the site of the old express shed, a new express shed being provided further east. The locomotive house is being demolished, to provide for track rearrangements, which includes the laying of a new track to the dock, on which a shed 300×15 ft. has been built.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Hamilton, Mimico, Port Credit