Thursday, April 30, 1914 The Toronto Daily Star (Toronto) Page 2, col. 3

Box car thieves are rounded up

They used an auto to take away eggs, beef, etc.

The leader escaped.

Signs up in Toronto Terminals to warn trespassers—Train stalled.

As the result of G.T.R. Detective Fraser's trip to Windsor to investigate freight car robberies he has rounded up a gang of box car thieves in the border city with the aid of of Detective Reid.

After listening to the evidence that was produced, Gordon Scott, Charles Gall, and "Duke" Carson pleaded guilty and are in Sandwich fail awaiting sentence. They will come up for sentence on Tuesday.

Used an auto.

The trio admitted stealing 60 dozen of eggs and a side of beef weighing 230 pounds. They carried away the stuff in an auto. When they realized that Detective Fraser had them cornered they dumped some of the stuff in the Detroit River near Ringling, eight miles from Windsor. Another quantity of meat and eggs was found hidden in a recess of the cellar wall in Carson's hotel at Windsor. Over 40 dozen eggs were smashed.

The police are looking for Emile Latou, the ringleader of the gang, known as "Bay City," who escaped. The Grand Trunk are determined to put down car tapping, and the arrest of these men is looked upon by Chief of Detectives Hodges as a smart piecele tr of work on the part of Detective Fraser.

Toronto not affected by changes.

Vice-President Dairymple, of the Grand Trunk, over the traffic department, was in town for a short time this morning on his way west.

The Grand Trunk will issue a new time-table that takes effect on Monday. There are no local changes affecting Toronto.

For the benefit of trespasser the Grand Trunk are erecting 500 trespass signs in Toronto terminals. There is no low to compel the railroads to put up trespass signs, but it is being done to protect the public along lines of the safety first movement.

Minor mishaps.

The Grand Trunk Cobalt Flyer, due at 7.30, was an hour and forty minutes late. A hot box on the engine between Gravenhurst and North Bay was the cause of the delay.

The Canadian Northern train from Trenton, due at 11 thin morning, will not arrive till four this afternoon. A freight derailment at Brighton is the cause of the delay. The train is stalled on the other side. On account of the single track the line will have to be cleared before the passenger train can get through.

Railways: C.No.Ry., G.T.Ry.

Stations: Brighton (CNOR), Toronto