November 1911, No. 165 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 1039, col. 2

G.T.R. betterments, construction, etc.

New England extensions.—A W. Smithers, Chairman of the Board, G.T.R., accompanied by C. M. Hays, President, G.T.R., and officers of the Central Vermont Ry., made an inspection of the route of the projected Southern New England Ry. in Massachusetts and Rhode Island recently.

The S.N.E. Ry. has been ordered to file a bond of $1,000,000 to protect property owners in Massachusetts, whose property may be taken for the building of the line.

It appears that the differences between the S.N.E. Ry. and the New York, New Haven and Hartford Rd., in Woonsocket, Mass., have not been completely adjusted, as the latter company has filed plans for two new freight houses on North Main St., on part of the route located for the S.N.E. Ry.

Ottawa station.—The first section of the new Central Station at Ottawa to be completed was handed over by the contractors to the company, Oct. 14. The work was reported to have been completed, with the exception of some finishing touches, Oct. 7. It was expected that the staff would move into the new offices by Oct. 30.

Ashbridge Bay spur.—The Toronto board of control has granted the company permission to build an industrial spur and sidings from the National Iron Works to Leslie St. in the Ashbridges Bay district. The agreement provides that the line may be acquired by the city at any time it is thought advisable to take it over and make it part of the city's industrial system in the district. The line is estimated to cost $90,000.

Toronto grade revision work.—Considerable progress has been made on the grade revision work westerly to Mimico, and the permanent tracks have been laid on the section to near Sunnyside, where the buildings south of the Lake Shore road have been demolished, and a start made on the work for the bridge which is to carry the road over the railway. The Board of Railway Commissioners has approved plans for this bridge, without prejudice to the Toronto and York Radial Ry. (Mimico and Lake Shore Division.)

Midland-Penetang branches connection.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the opening for traffic of the line from Tiny Jct. , on the line from Orillia to Midland, to Saurin Jct., on the line between Colwell and Penetanguishene, Ont. A service of two trains a day each way was commenced Oct. 3.

Northern Division bridges.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the rebuilding of 14 bridges on the Northern Division.

Hamilton.—Press reports state that the company has purchased a considerable area in the vicinity of Barton and Ferguson Sts., upon which it is expected a new station will be built. C. M. Hays, President, informed the mayor, Oct. 6, that one of the Vice Presidents would visit the city shortly and hear the representatives of the different interests as to the railway accommodation provided by the company in the city.

The mayor received a telegram Oct. 18, from C. M. Hays, stating that he, Vice President Kelley, and W. G. Brownlee, General Transportation Manager, would be in the city, Oct. 28, to discuss the question of the company's facilities there, with a view to their improvement and extension.

Guelph station.—The new station at Guelph, Ont., has a frontage of 123 1/2 ft., and a depth of 43 ft., with aloggia and porte-cochere. The general waiting room is 60 by 40 ft.; the ladies' parlor, 17 by 43 ft.; the smoking room, 27 by 20 ft.; parcel and baggage office, 13 by 21 ft.; baggage room, 40 by 26 ft. The ticket and telegraph office is directly opposite the porte-cochere. There is a covered platform of 100 by 30 ft. between the station and the express building which is 40 by 33 ft. These buildings are constructed on concrete foundations, of Bryants Pond grey granite, from foundation to window-sill, with pressed buff brick for walls, trimmed with granite jamb linings, and belt course of all buildings. The entire roof is covered with dull green tile. The interior of offices and waiting rooms is finished in the floor and wainscoting, quarter cut oak trims, doors and sash, granulated plaster walls and ceilings, decorated in suitable tints. The interior of the baggage room and express building is finished in pressed brick. The area of platforms for handling of public 29,200 sq. ft., and has four tracks in front of the station for passenger trains. At the rear is a circular driveway through a port-cochere with a side walk from the streets, leading to the loggia for main entrance to the waiting room. The grounds on the city side and end of the building are terraced and sodded, and it is located on what was known as Jubilee Park, the tracks being elevated some 6 ft. The building has a pleasing appearance from the main streets of the city.

Brantford Industrial switch.—Plans were approved by the Board of Railway Commissioners, Oct. 11, for the proposed Holmedale cut-off from the Ontario Institute for the Blind to the Brantford and Tillsonburg branch line. An agreement respecting this work was made with the G.T.R. some time ago, and the commissioners' order only was required to enable the work to be gone on with. The mayor stated that the work is to be started at once and it will be completed early in 1912.

Interchange track at Ingersoll.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the G.T.R. to build a track for the interchange of traffic with the C.P.R. at Ingersoll, Ont.

London improvements.—C. M. Hays, President, stated in a recent interview, that nothing could possibly be considered in the way of the proposed improvements in London, Ont., until the work in progress in Toronto is out of the way. (Oct., pg. 943.)

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