December 1911, No. 166 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 1121, col. 1

G.T.R. betterments, construction, etc.

Montréal yards.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the company to expropriate certain lands in Ste. Ann's Ward, Montréal, in connection with the enlargement of its yards, and to maintain the ship fever monument. While this order was made in Jan. last, it has just been issued, as certain details had to be adjusted.

Kingston freight sheds.—Property owners on Place d'Armes St., Kingston, Ont., have been notified by the G.T.R. that possession is to taken at once of their properties. The properties acquired by the company lie between Wellington and King streets, and from Place d'Armes to Anglin's lumber yards, and on the site of the present buildings a large new freight shed is to be built.

Granite for ballast.—Application is being made to the Kingston, Ont., city council by the G.T.R. for the supply of 750 h.p. electrical energy, to be delivered at a quarry near Kingston Mills. It is stated that the quarry will be opened in the spring, and that a large crushing plan will be installed to provide crushed granite for ballast. It is said that this ballast will first be laid between Montréal and Toronto.

Tay Jct. to Birch Jct.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the opening for traffic of the line between Tay Jct., on the Orillia-Midland line, and Birch Jct., on the Penetanguishene line. This order rescinds the previous order under which the line was opened for traffic, as mentioned in our last issue.

Nipissing Jct., Ont.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the building of a branch line crossing the C.P.R. at Nipissing Jct., Ont., to the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Ry., and the installation of an interlocking plant.

Toronto Belt Line.—While in Toronto recently C. M. Hays, President, went over the old Belt Line, and it is said that as a result of his inspection the remaining portion of the line will be put in order for traffic. The company is at present using the section from its West Toronto yards to Yonge St.

Hamilton, Ont.—C. M. Hays, President, and other officials met the Hamilton city council and representatives of the business interests of the city, Oct. 28, and discussed the railway situation. The claims of the city for a new passenger station and other improvements were presented, and Mr. Hays said that while a new station would be built, the company had to consider it in connection with the claims of other places, where improvements were necessary. The question of a site had to be settled, together with a number of other incidental matters, before any definite work could be undertaken. The company had expended a large amount of money upon improvements during the past 15 years; money was still being spent upon improvements, and there were demands from towns all along the line for equally large expenditures upon necessary upon necessary improvements. While the company was desirous of doing all it could to meet these demands it could not go further than its financial resources, or other circumstances which had to be considered, would permit.

Guelph, Ont.—The old station building at Guelph, Ont., is to be demolished and the site is to be utilized for an additional siding for yard accommodation.

Chatham, Ont.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the building of a spur and interchange track connecting with the Lake Erie and Detroit River Ry. tracks (operated by the Pere Marquette Rd.), and an interchange track with the Chatham, Wallaceburg and Lake Erie Ry. in Chatham, Ont.

Detroit station, etc.—On the occasion of a recent visit to Detroit, Mich., C. M. Hays, President, intimated that the G.T.R. might use the tunnel under the Detroit River, and the station which the Michigan Central Rd. proposes to build. Nothing, however, will be done for some time. If the arrangement cannot be made it is expected that the present station at Brush St. will be considerably enlarged. (Nov., pg. 1039.)

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