Wednesday, April 27, 1898 The Globe (Toronto) Page 10, col. 7

Railway conflict at Galt.

G.T.R. objects to the C.P.R. securing sole switching connection with various town factories.

Special Despatch to The Globe.

Galt, April 26.—The Town Council came to a decision on an important matter last night. At a previous meeting the manufacturers of Galt petitioned the Council, asking that the Galt, Preston & Hespeler Street Railway be allowed to carry freight down town and also to put switches into several of the factories and foundries along the line of transit. The G.P. & H. has connection with the C.P.R., and the G.T.R. protested against the granting of the petition, claiming that to do so would be to discriminate against the G.T.R., the latter road not having running privileges over the G.P. & H. The Board of Public Works recommended to the Council that no action be taken, and the board's report was adopted. For the present at least the manufacturers will have to be content with existing transportation facilities. A great deal of interest has been taken in the question not only by the railway companies but the town at large.

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