Monday, July 19, 1926 The Globe (Toronto) Page 3, col. 5

Railway collision blocks city streets

Engine crew escapes with slight injuries as trains crash in Peterboro'

(Special Despatch to The Globe.)

Peterboro', July 16.—Two Canadian National freight trains crashed in a rear-end collision near Brock Street today when four cars were completely destroyed. The caboose of the first train was thrown clear of the tracks, carrying away a telegraph pole in its passage.

The men on the second engine jumped from the cab when they saw that a crash was imminent. G. Saunders, the engineer, had his back twisted. W. Beattie, the fireman, escaped with a wrenched angle. W. J. Fee, road foreman of Lindsay, who was travelling on the engine when the collision occurred, also jumped and escaped with a few bruises.

The way freight was lying just north of Brock Street waiting for orders to move. It is said that the conductor thought he heard the oncoming train, and in an endeavor to stop it went out along the track with a red flag.

The second train was an extra, hauling 54 cars of merchandise, and due to the curve in the train, was right on top of the first train before the crew became aware of it.

The passenger service was disrupted, the train due to arrive here at noon from Lindsay being diverted at Omemee Junction and routed via Millbrook to Peterboro'. Every crossing west of Bethune Street, from Murrary St. to Jackson Park, is blocked.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Millbrook, Omemee, Peterboro