September 1903, No. 67 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 309, col. 3

G.T.R. betterments, construction, etc.

Island Pond improvements.—Considerable improvements are being made at Island Pond, Vt. A new roundhouse and machine shop are to be erected, also new station, viaduct and foot bridge, and the old freight sheds are to be removed. The new roundhouse will contain twenty stalls, each seventy feet in length, with the latest model ashpit equipment, and a new seventy-foot turn-table is to be put in just ouiside the building, the latter being half circle in shape.

Beaconsfield station.—A new station is under construction at Beaconsfield, Que., on the western side of the track.

St. Lambert-St. John's double track.—The grading for the second track between St. Lambert and St. John's, Que., 21 miles, is already finished between St. Lambert and Brosseau, a distance of seven miles, and track has been laid about half this distance.

The contractors expect to complete the grading of the second seven-mile section from L'Acadie to St. John's early in Sept. The new road is being laid with 80-lb. rails, and the roadbed will be a superior one. The road from the south shore to St. John's is the oldest piece of railway line in Canada, the terminus being at Laprairie before the construction of the Victoria bridge, the connection being made by the steamer Iron Duke, with a point near Customs House Square.

Toronto-Montréal double track.—Progress has been delayed on the uncompleted portion of the double tracking at Whitby, Ont., owing to the inability of the bridge contractors to obtain delivery of material.

Improvements at Lindsay.—Additional land has been purchased at Lindsay, Ont., adjoining the roundhouse, and a double track, 300 yards long, laid on it. The new property will be utilized as a coal storage yard.

Lindsay-Midland double track.—Surveys have been made with a view of double tracking the line between Lindsay and Midland, Ont. The survey for the new work follows a route which will do away with the curves and heavy grades of the existing line and give an easy road for the haul. This projected line is being objected to on account of the way in which it will cut up farms.

Toronto yards.—A commencement has been made at the old Parliament buildings on Front St., Toronto, preparing for the laying out of the newt yards. The agreement between the city council and the Company has been completed, and the fact that one property owner would not agree to terms, kept the Railway Committee of the Privy Council from granting the order for the crossing of John and Front streets, to connect the new yards with the main line. The city council has approved of the plans for the offices and freight sheds. (Aug., pg. 271.)

Brantford Deviation.—A train service over the Brantford deviation, via Lynden. Ont., was inaugurated Aug. 10. The line, however, is not being used for through traffic to Chicago, as the bridges are only temporary structures. These will be replaced by permanent steel structures as soon as the material can be delivered. (July, pg. 243.)

London switching agreement.—Land is being acquired by the different railway companies with a view to the construction of the connecting lines to carry out the interswitching agreement. (Aug., pg. 271.)

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