Thursday, November 23, 1911, Vol. 60, No. 47 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 5, col. 1

Across the bay


Mr. James McMillan is conductor on the pay car over the Northern Division for the month.


No. 27 did not leave here for Penetang on Friday night till 9.30 p.m., owing to a car being derailed north of Minesing.


The pay car arrived here at 2.30 p.m. Saturday, three hours earlier than usual, owing to it not going to Penetang as formerly.


Mr. E. H. Firman, Jr., is moving to Hamilton this week. Zeke is now stationed as permanent fireman running from Hamilton to Meaford.


A car loaded with lumber ran foul of another track last week and was ditched in front of the station. The services of the steam crane were required to replace it on the track.

The bridge and building men of the G.T.R. wore the smile that won't come off on pay as they received their first pay checks containing the increase of 10 cents a day granted on October 1st.

The engine of the Office Special jumped the track near the Barrie freight office last Friday. A spread rail was the apparent cause. No. 64 was sent out on the south track and no delay resulted.


Lindsay Post—A staff of the G.T.R. engineers has secured quarters in the Home Bank building, and intend doing important work in this division. The roadbed and bridges on the Midland line will be strengthened and improved in anticipation of a brisk season's work in hauling grain from Midland.

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