February 1911, No. 156 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 167, col. 3

Projects, construction, betterments, etc.


Grand Valley Ry.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has approved, subject to certain terms, the extension of the line in Brantford, Ont., and directed that certain crossings of the G.T.R. and of the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Ry. be protected. (Dec., 1910, pg. 1067).


Lake Erie and Northern Ry.—Application is being made to the Dominion Parliament to incorporate a company with this title to build a railway from Port Dover through Simcoe and Waterford to Brantford, northerly through [sic—the following appears to be a typesetting error] in operation over it an early date. (Jan., pg. 73.)


The Niagara, St. Catharines and Toronto Ry.'s extension from Welland to Port Colborne, Ont., was reported completed Jan. 15. (Nov., 1910, pg. 965.)


Toronto and York Radial Ry.—Application is being made to the Ontario Legislature to authorize the company to build lines and branches between its present termini in different parts of the city of Toronto, to which it is at present authorized to build, and for power to build additional lines as follows: From the Toronto and Scarboro Division to Markham; from Sutton, on the Metropolitan Division, to Pefferlaw.

The new bridge over Mimico creek on the Lake Shore road has been completed. The building of the bridge, which is on a private right-of-way, has enabled the company to cut out some curves on this section of the line.

A private right-of-way is being acquired for a section of the Metropolitan Division, at Woodlawn Ave., Toronto. (Dec., 1910, pg. 1069.)

Railways: L.E. & N.Ry.

Stations: Port Dover