August 1916, No. 222 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 342, col. 1

Dock and harbor improvements at Port Dover, Ont.

A press dispatch of July 5, said:—Port Dover's long deferred hope for better docking facilities is about to be realized. The Public Works Department at Ottawa has plans of proposed improvements, and Martin Todd, Manager of the L.E. & N.Ry. has made arrangements for a car ferry service across the lake if terminal facilities can be secured. A large deputation leaves for Ottawa today to interview the Minister of Public Works in the matter, amongst whom are M. Todd, Senator McCall, H. P. Innes, H. Ainsely, Capt. Robinson, John Fisher, M.L.A., W. Weichel, M.P., and F. S. Scott. It is hoped that the vote of $50,000 to commence the work will be expended before the year is out.

M. N. Todd states that so far as the Lake Erie & Northern Ry. is concerned, the question as to what point on the U.S. side the proposed car ferry from Port Dover will run, when the required harbor improvements are carried out, and the question as to whether an existing car ferry will be made use of, or if a new vessel will be built, have not yet been discussed. There appears to be no doubt, however, that it is the company's intention to establish a car ferry service.

Railways: G.T.Ry., L.E. & N.Ry.

Stations: Port Dover