November 1915, No. 213 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 437, col. 2

Railway development.

Projected lines, surveys, construction, betterments, etc.


Grand Trunk Ry.—The question of the elevation of the tracks in Montréal came before the Board of Railway Commissioners at Montréal, Sept. 28. After hearing statements from the city and the company, Sir Henry Drayton, Chief Commissioner, initimated that if it could be should how funds could be raised for the purpose the company would be glad to go on with the work. In the present financial situation it was impossible to order the company to proceed. The Chamber of Commerce meeting in Montréal, Sept. 30, suggested that the Dominion Government guarantee a bond issue for the greater part of the amount.

The company proposes, according to press reports, to rebuild at once the burned station at Eganville, Ont.; to rebuild portions of its wharves at Owen Sound, Ont.; and to extend a spur line in Norwich tp., Ont., to a condensed milk factory located on lot 10, con. 1 of the township. (Oct., pg. 392.)

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Eganville, Owen Sound