November 1964, No. 226 Upper Canada Railway Society Newsletter (Toronto) Page 145

C.N. report


The rails of the C.N.'s Lakefield Subdivision, from Millbrook to Peterborough have now been lifted, bringing to an end the 105-year history of the line that once linked Peterborough and Port Hope. The Port Hope to Millbrook section was lifted in 1951.

In the same section of Ontario, the Board of Transport Commissioners recently granted permission for the C.N. to abandon its Coboconk Subdivision from Lorneville to Coboconk. The 22 1/2 mile line served only industry in Coboconk, although until 1962 a large quarry at Kirkfield furnished ample traffic for the southern end of the branch line. Regular train service will cease on 1964-12-01, and "as required" carload service will be provided until 1965-04-01. L.C.L. and express will be handled by highway transport after 1964-12-01.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Coboconk, Kirkfield, Lorneville, Millbrook, Peterboro, Port Hope