August 1901, No. 42 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 237, col. 1

Grand Trunk betterments, etc.


Middle division yards, stations, etc.—The rearrangement of the yards along the line is being carried out in a systematic manner. At Sarnia, which is one of the largest and most important on the system, the work is in progress, and as it has to be carried out without interfering with the traffic, it is taking up a great deal of time. Plans for the work were prepared about two years ago, after it had been decided to enlarge the yards to the full extent of the available land. The first work taken in hand was the erection of a new roundhouse, having a capacity of 30 locomotives, adjoining which to the rear is a repair shop and oil tanks. Adjoining the track leading into the roundhouse are the coal bins and chutes, a little further on are the sand boxes, then a standpipe for supply water, and in front of the roundhouse are the ash pits. The roundhouse with its adjuncts is one of the most complete in Canada.

The yards, which cover an area of over 40 acres, are built up from the switch leading into the roundhouse, and the new tracks have been arranged, and are being laid in such a way as to interfere as little as possible with the working of the yard. There will be a western and an eastern yard, the former having a capacity of 889 cars, and the latter of 711 cars. It is not intended to complete the western yard at present. This will give an available trackage of about 12 mile. In both yards the sidings will be built up on single straight switching lead. The eastbound trains will be switched by means of a poling engine, and westbound trains in the ordinary way. Preparation has been made for caboose tracks and repair tracks, and also for spare tracks to facilitate movements of engines along the track without their going on the main line. On account of the large engines used for hauling the trains through the tunnel, all the frogs that will be used by them are no. 10, all others being no. 7.

A new station has been built at Dundas, and there has also been considerable rearrangements of the tracks, and of the yards. Various improvements have also been made at Princeton, London, Dorchester and Cookstown stations. At Brantford a complete rearrangement of the yard is being taken in hand. The freight sheds at present are very inconveniently situated, all freight having to be taken across the tracks. Under the new arrangement the freight sheds are to be erected on the city side of the main line. In addition to the ordinary switching facilities there will be two long passing tracks in the station yard so that freight trains can be switched out of the way of passenger trains without deranging any of the switching arrangements in the yard proper.

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Brantford, Cookstown, Dorchester, Dundas, London, Princeton, Sarnia