The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 12107

Thursday, the 22nd of
September, A.D. 1910

Re application of the Rat Portage Lumber Co., Ltd. , under secs. 314, 318, 321, and 323 of the Railway Act. to reduce its tolls, charges or freight rates for carrying the applicant's saw-logs from the Rainy River and points adjacent thereto, to the applicant's mills, in St. Boniface, Manitoba; that not switching charge be allowed; that the railway supply cars as required by the applicant, to enable the applicant to carry on its business; that the railway pay to the applicant any damages caused by its neglect and refusal to supply the necessary cars for the removal and haulage of the applicant's logs, and also, any additional monies the applicant was obliged to incur in handling and carrying over its logs. It is ordered that if is the duty of the Canadian Northern Ry., as successor of the Manitoba & Southern Eastern Ry., to haul pine and spruce logs upon its lines: (a) for an distance up to 150 miles from Winnipeg; (b) from the point, if any, where the railway touches Rainy River to Winnipeg, at a rate not to exceed $2.50 per 1,000 ft. b.m., in accordance with the provision of 61 Vic., chap. 43, Manitoba. That the Canadian Northern Ry. file with the Board, joint tariffs with the Minnesota & Manitoba Ry. and the C.N. Rys. as successors to the Manitoba & South Eastern Ry., not to exceed $2.50 per 1,000 ft. b.m. That if for any reason, the Canadian Northern Ry. and the Minnesota & Manitoba Ry. are unable to agree upon such joint tariffs, or the division thereof, the Canadian Northern Ry. shall file with the Board tariffs showing rates from the International boundary line between Minnesota & Manitoba Ry. from the point of origin to such International boundary line shall not exceed $2.50 per 1,000 ft. b.m. That the $2 switching toll charged by the Canadian Northern Ry. for the switching services rendered is hereby disallowed.