The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 12301

Tuesday, the 20th of
September, A.D. 1910
Re application of Canadian Lumbermen's Association and Montréal Board of Trade Transportation Bureau, complaining that the railway companies in increasing the export rates on lumber which previously existed, have not complied with order 10528, April 19, 1910; and applying for an order directing the railway companies to carry out the provisions of the said order and issue tariffs on lumber, for export, to comply therewith:

It is ordered that the C.P.R., the G.T.R. and the C.N.Q.R. publish and file tariffs, to be made effective not later than Jan. 1, 1911, reducing the export rates to Montréal on lumber from points in the Province of Québec, north and east of Montréal, so that the same difference shall exist between the present domestic rates on lumber to Montréal and the said rates for export, as existed between the old domestic rates and the old rates for export.