Amended by

The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. G.O. 274

Thursday, the 20th of
November, A.D. 1919

In the matter of the application of the Canadian Railway War Board, on behalf of railway companies subject to the jurisdiction of the Board, for free transportation under Section 345 of The Railway Act, 1919


F. B. Carvell
Chief Commissioner

S. J. McLean

J. G. Rutherford

Upon reading the application dated Oct. 16, 1919, and considering what has been urged in support thereof,

It is ordered that Railway Companies of Canada subject to the Board's jurisdiction, be permitted, until further order, to carry free of charge the following persons, viz.:

  1. Department of Immigration of Dominion Canada: For such representatives of the department as may be required by the Minister or Deputy Minister.
  2. Departments of Immigration and Customs of the United States: For such representatives of the departments as may be required by the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner of Immigration or Collector or Deputy Collector of Customs in charge of the district.
  3. Fire rangers within their respective districts, employed or authorized by provincial governments.
  4. Families of former or deceased employees of railways.
  5. Deputy Ministers of Departments of the Federal Government, and those having the rank of Deputy Ministers.

F. B. Carvell
Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada.