The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. G.O. 253

Tuesday, the 29th of
October, A.D. 1918

In the matter of the complaint of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association against the increased carload minimum weight for crushed stone published by the Grand Trunk, Canadian Pacific, and Canadian Northern Bailway Companies, effective October 1, 1918.


H. L. Drayton
Chief Commissioner

A. S. Goodeve

Upon hearing the complaint at the sittings of the Board held in Toronto, October 17, 1918, and what was alleged, and its appearing that certain carriers subject to the jurisdiction of the Board have published and filed schedules increasing certain carload minimum weights to conform to circular No. 75 of the Canadian Railway War Board, dated at Montréal, August 5, 1918,—

It is ordered: That the said schedule be amended as follows, namely:

  1. To provide that the minimum weight for crushed stone and other building and paving materials, now shown as the marked capacity of the car but not' less than 60,000 pounds, be the marked capacity of the car but not exceeding the actual weight when cars are fully loaded subject to the said minimum of 60,000 pounds.
  2. To provide that no greater weight shall be charged for the said materials than that to which the shipper may be restricted by the carrier by reason of any track bearing limitations.
  3. That the amendments to give effect to this order come into force not later than November 18, 1918.

H. L. Drayton
Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada.