The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 25861

Saturday, the 10th of
February, A.D. 1917
Re application of Allegheny Lumber Co. of Pittsburg, Pa., for an order directing the G.T.R. to put into effect a through rate of freight on lumber from Midland, Ont., to Cleveland, Ohio, and to authorize reparation to the same basis on past shipments.

Upon hearing the application at Toronto, Oct. 5, 1916, the G.T.R. being represented, no one appearing for the applicant, and what was alleged;

and upon reading what has been filed in support of the application and on behalf of the G.T.R., and the report of the Chief Traffic Officer of the Board, and its appearing that the rate from Midland to Cleveland, complained of, is unjustly discriminatory against Midland and in favor of Penetang, Ont.,

it is ordered that the application for a refund be dismissed, that the G.T.R. desist from charging a greater rate on lumber, in carloads, from Midland to Cleveland, Ohio, than it publishes and charges to the same point from Penetang.