G.O. 294

The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. G.O. 184

Thursday, the 22nd of
March, A.D. 1917

Re application of D. D. Campbell, of Winnipeg, for an order increasing the allowance for grain doors supplied by shippers to $1.50 for the lower door, and 75¢ for the upper part; also that the bill therefor, when agent, be accepted by him and credited on account of freight charges.


D'Arcy Scott
Assistant Chief Commissioner

S. J. McLean

Upon hearing the application at the sittings of the Board held in Winnipeg, March 16, 1917, the Northwest Grain Growers' Association and the Canadian Pacific, Canadian Northern, and Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Companies being represented at the hearing, the applicant appearing in person, and what was alleged,—

It is ordered:—

That order of the Board No. 8860, dated December 10, 1900, requiring that where shippers upon all or any railways subject to the jurisdiction of the Parliament of Canada are compelled to furnish car doors to enable cars to be used for traffic, allowance therefor to such shippers be made upon the following basis:—

  1. At and west of Fort William, lower car door, $1 ; upper car door, 50 cents;
  2. East of Fort William, upper or lower car door, each, 50 cents;

be, and it is hereby, amended to provide that the said allowance for grain doors be increased from $1 to $1.50 for the lower door, and from 50 cents to 75 cents for the upper door, in all, $4.50 a car; the said allowance to be made at and west of Port Arthur, Ontario.

D'Arcy Scott
Assistant Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada.