The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 26184

Tuesday, the 5th of
June, A.D. 1917
Re complaint of D. A. McPhee, of Vankleek Hill, Ont., against rates charged by Ottawa & New York and Grand Trunk Railways, on a registered Holstein bull, shipped from Russell to Vankleek Hill.

Uponits appearing that the certificate of registration showing the bull to be a pedigreed animal was presented to the company's agent at the time of shipment, with the request that the shipment be made on the released valuation, as provided by the company's live stock contract; and that the failure to carry at the reduced rate was the fault of the company or its agent, and not that of the shipper,

it is declared that the charge the Ottawa & New York and the Grand Trunk Railways were authorized to make for the said shipment should have been based on 4,000 lb. at one-half 1st class standard tariff rate, and leave is therefore granted the said railways to refund to the complainant the difference between such charge and the amount collected.