Rescinded by
G.O. 275

The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 16900

Thursday, the 27th of
June, A.D. 1912
Re indicating changes in freight, passenger and express tariffs:

It appearing to the Board that comparison of freight, passenger, and express schedules with those which they supersede or amend, should be facilitated;

and in pursuance of the powers conferred by sec. 322 of the Railway Act;

and upon the report and recommendation of the Chief Traffic Officer,

it is ordered that all freight, passenger and express tariffs, and supplements thereto, applying between points in Canada, or from any point in Canada, to a foreign country, filed with the Board on or after Sept. 1, 1912, shall, except as hereinafter provided, indicate advances there-by made in existing tolls by the symbol A (capital), and reductions by the symbol R (capital), with the necessary explanatory note, in the following manner, namely:

  1. Schedules which show the rates opposite the stations. The proper symhol to be shown against each rate, or each rule or regulation, changed.
  2. Schedules in which the rates appear in a table separated from the station list—
    1. Unless the station groupings have been varied relatively to their rates, the proper symbol to be shown in the rate table in the manner prescribed in sec. 1.
    2. If the station groupings have been varied relatively to their rates, the proper symbol, or symbols, to be shown against the reference on the station page to the rate table, and against each rule or regulation changed.

Provided that if any rates or matter be necessarily so closely printed as to leave insufficient apace for the symbols, or if the latter be otherwise unsuitable, and in such cases only, increases shall be printed in full-faced type, and reductions in italics.

And it is further ordered that the requirements that the title page, or front cover, of all tariffs and supplements bear, at the top, the word (or words) Advance, Reduction, Re-Issue, or New Rates, as the case may be, is not hereby abrogated.