The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 17270

Friday, the 23rd of
August, A.D. 1912
Re application of C.P.R. Co. for approval of a standard freight mileage tariff to be designated as C.R.C. no. W. 175S to comply with sec. 327 of the Railway Act.

It is ordered that the said tariff between the company's stations in Alberta and British Columbia, between Canmore, Alta., and Vanrouver, B.C., including its Arrow Lake, Mission and Westminster branches, be temporarily approved pending judgment in the inquiry oy the Board into the rates charged generally in British Columbia; provided that in the meantime no increases shall be made in the rates of any special freight tariff of class rates within the territorial limits of the said standard freight mileage tariff, and that no rates shall be increased because of this order.