Time extended by

The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 12783

Wednesday, the 18th of
January, A.D. 1911
Be order 7240, June 16, 1909, made upon application of Board of Trade of Dawson, Yukon, directing the British Yukon Ry., the British Columbia Yukon Ry. Co., the Pacific and Arctic Ry. and Navigation Co., and the White Pass and Yukon Ry. to file with the Board (1) tariffs of the companies tolls covering all through traffic received at Skagway and destined to White Horse, or to any intermediate point or points between the International boundary line between Alaska and British Columbia, upon the line of railway, and White Horse; (2) covering all through traffic received at any point or points upon the railway line between White Horse and the said International boundary, and destined to Skagway. And re the tariffs filed in pursuance thereof:

It is ordered that the Joint Freight Tariff C.R.C. 9, giving the rates charged by the respondent companies on the various descriptions of freight traffic specified therein between Skagway, Alaska and White Horse, Yukon, and intermediate stations in B.C. and Yukon Territory, be disallowed. That the one-way passenger fares published in the respondent companies Joint Passenger Tariff C.R.C. 3, to apply between Skagway, Alaska, and stations in B.C. and Yukon Territory to and including White Horse, be disallowed; and the respondent companies toe directed to substitute therefor joint tariffs of freight and passenger tolls based on a reduction of at least one-third in each case from the freight and passenger tolls shown in the tariffs, which are hereby disallowed, the substituted tariffs to become effective not later than April 1, 1911, the reduced freight and passenger tolls to be the maxima to be charged by the respondent companies between Skagway and the said stations.

And it is also ordered that freight and passenger tolls (if any) now existing, lower than the tolls hereby ordered, shall not be increased by reason of this order.