The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 12854

Wednesday, the 1st of
February, A.D. 1911
Re application of J. F. Tucker, Chairman Central Freight Association, Chicago, as agent for the carriers parties thereto, for permission to postpone the effective date of his joint and proportional tariff on classes and commodities from points within the competitive territory in Ontario south of and including the G.T.R. line from Sarnia Tunnel to Suspension Bridge, via London and Hamilton, to Lower Mississippi River, Alabama, and Louisiana points, until Sop. l, 1911.

Upon its appearing that the said postponement has been ordered by the Interstate Commerce Commission with respect to the rates shown in the said tariff to the said territory from points south nf the International Boundary; and in pursuance of the powers conferred upon the Board by sec. 329 of the Railway Act,

it is ordered that permission be granted for the suspension of the freight rates from Ontario shown in the tariff of joint and proportional rates, C.R.C. 188, issued by J. F. Tucker, of Chicago, until Sept. 1, and for the reinstatement until and including Aug. 31, of the joint and proportional rates between the same points shown in J. F. Tucker's tariff C.R.C. 180, which tariff was superseded by C.R.C. 188, Nov. 1. 1910.