Amended by

The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 13228

Tuesday, the 17th of
January, A.D. 1911
Re application of Battle Creek Toasted Com Flake Co. Ltd., of London, Ont., for a reduction in the minimum carload weight of toasted corn flakes from London to points west of Port Arthur and Fort William, Ont.:

It is ordered that Canadian Classification 15 be amended so as to provide a minimum carload weight of not more than 24,000 lbs. for flaked or cooked cereals (which may be enumerated if the railway companies so desire) when loaded in cars not exceeding 36 1/2 ft. in inside length, subject to the greater minima for cars of greater length provided in rule 1 (b) of the said classification; and that the said flaked or cooked cereals be not removed to a higher class of the said classification by reason of this order; the said amendment to be included in the first supplement to the classification.