The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 13249

Wednesday, the 15th of
March, A.D. 1911
Re application of the city of Regina, under secs. 314 and 332 of the Railway Act. for an order directing a reduction in the rates on classes 1 to 10 on goods shipped from Eastern Canada to Regina, Sask., and re application of Canadian Northern Ry. under sec 56 of the Railway Act. for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, from order 12520, Dec. 10, 1910:

Upon hearing the application in the presence of counsel for the C.P.R. and the C.N.R. respectively, and for the respondents;

and upon reading the notice of motion and the affidavit of E. W. Beatty, General Solicitor. C.P.R.,

and what was alleged at the hearing, the applicants undertaking to get this case set down for hearing at the present sittings of the Supreme Court unless in the view of the Supreme Court itself or a judge thereof, the case should not tie set down;

and it appearing that in the opinion of the Board questions of law arise:

It is ordered that the said railway companies be granted leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada from the said order subject to and upon the terms and conditions following: That the applicants undertake to set the appeal down for and expedite the hearing thereof at the present sittings of the Supreme Court. That if the appeal be not argued at the present sittings of the Supreme Court, for any reason for which the applicants may be to blame, then the appeal shall not operate as a stay of the said order, unless the Supreme Court, or a judge thereof, shall otherwise order. That the order issued herein, dated Feb. 21. 1911, be repealed.