The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 13292

Thursday, the 23rd of
March, A.D. 1911
Re order 12783. Jan. 18, directing, inter alia, that the respondent companies substitute for Joint Freight Tariff C.R.C. 9 and Joint Passenger Tariff C.R.C 3, joint tariffs of freight and passenger tolls based on a reduction of at least one-third in each case from the freight and passenger tolls shown in the tariffs disallowed by the said order, the said substituted tariffs to become effective not later than April 1, 1911, and re application on behalf of the respondent companies for an extension of time within which the requirements of the said order may be complied with.

Upon its appearing that the respondent companies have petitioned to the Governor-in-Council by way of appeal from the above order; and that the appeal cannot be heard before the date that said tariffs were required to tie put into effect;

it is ordered that the time at which the tariffs required to be substituted under order 12783, were to become effective, be extended until June 1, 1911.