The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 13326

Monday, the 27th of
March, A.D. 1911
The application of Canadian Manufacturers' Association, British Columbia Lumber and Shingle Manufacturers, Ltd., Montréal Lumber Association. Canadian Lumbermen's Association, Mountain Lumber Manufacturers' Association, and St. John, N.B., Board of Trade, under sec. 284 of the Railway Act, for an order directing all railway companies subject to the Board's jurisdiction to reimburse shippers for any and all expenses to which they are subjected by reason of having to equip flat or other cars with stakes and fastenings, so as to comply with the provisions of order 7599, July 24. 1909;

it appearing that the existing allowances from track scale weights to cover variations in the tare of cars, absorption of moisture, accumulations of ice, snow, etc., do not include the weight of the auxiliary material necessary to retain the loads in or upon open cars, except where such provision is specified, inter alia, in the case of racks, and (or) blocking in connection with shipments of bark, machinery, and vehicles.

It is ordered that the railway companies file special tariffs, to take effect not later than May 1, 1911, providing for in allowance of 500 lbs. from the weight of each carload in or upon open cars for the weight of such racks, stakes, standards, boards, strips, supports, or other material furnished by shippers, as may be necessary to retain the lading in or upon the said open cars from the point of shipment to the destination thereof, and for which no allowances are specifically prescribed in the existing tariffs or classifications: Provided that the minimum weight prescribed for the said freight or lading by the classification or tariff applicable thereto, shall not be reduced by reason of the said allowance.