The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 24039

Tuesday, the 3rd of
August, A.D. 1915
Re complaint of J. N. Knowlton, Jr., of Newboro, Ont., that the Canadian Northern Ry. refuses to accept from the Grand Trunk Ry. at Lyn, Ont., certain goods consisting of a sewing machine and box of settlers' effects consigned to him from Black Rock, N.Y., on June 29, 1915:

Upon its appearing that Lyn is shown in the Official Stations Lists of the Grand Trunk and Canadian Northern Railway Companies, C.R.C. nos. E.2368 and E.227, respectively, as a point of transfer, by track connection, for freight in less than carload lots, as well as in carloads between the said companies' railways, and that freight in less than carload lots has accumulated at Lyn because of the refusal of the Canadian Northern to receive other than carload shipments from the Grand Trunk over the said track connection;

It is ordered that the Canadian Northern forthwith accept the said less-than-carload freight from the Grand Trunk over the track connection between the railways of the two companies at Lyn, and forward it to its destinations without further delay.