The Board of Transport
Commissioners for Canada
Commission des Transports
du Canada

Order no. G.O. 745

Friday, the 8th of
September, A.D. 1950

In the matter of the General Order of the Board No. 592, dated September 28, 1939:


Hugh Wardrope
Assistant Chief Commissioner

Armand Sylvestre
Deputy Chief Commissioner

F. M. MacPherson

W. J. Patterson

It is ordered that General Order No. 592, dated September 28, 1939, be, and it is hereby, amended by striking out the second and third sentences of clause 17 of the said Order and substituting the following therefor:

The wages and expenses of such inspector shall be paid by the applicant upon receipt from the Railway Company of a statement showing in reasonable detail the particulars of such wages and expenses, provided that in the case of a municipal corporation desiring to lay a pipe under the railway on a highway which is senior to the railway, the Railway Company shall pay its own Inspectors.

Hugh Wardrope
Assistant Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Transport Commissioners for Canada.