The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 53540

Saturday, the 3rd of
October, A.D. 1936

In the matter of the application of the Canadian National Railways, hereinafter called the Applicants, for authority to substitute wig-wags for the existing gates at the crossings of King Street and Sherbrooke Street, in the City of Peterborough, Province of Ontario.


Hugh Guthrie
Chief Commissioner

S. J. McLean
Asst. Chief Commissioner

J. A. Stoneman

Upon hearing the application at the sittings of the Board held at Peterborough, July 24, 1936, in the presence of counsel for the applicants and the city of Peterborough, and what was alleged, the applicants consenting—

It is ordered: That leave be, and it is hereby, granted the applicants to install double wig-wag signals, in lieu of the existing gates, on the main line at the crossings of King street and Sherbrooke street, in the city of Peterborough, province of Ontario, in accordance with the Standard Specifications for Highway Crossing Signals approved under General Order No. 468, dated March 12, 1929, as amended by General Orders Nos. 521 and 553, dated respectively November 2, 1933, and March 26, 1936; a detail plan showing the layout thereof to be submitted for the approval of an Engineer of the Board; and the cost of installation and maintenance to be borne and paid by the applicants.

Hugh Guthrie
Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada.