The Board of Transport
Commissioners for Canada
Commission des Transports
du Canada

Order no. G.O. 715

Wednesday, the 5th of
May, A.D. 1948

In the matter of fences on highway approaches to railway crossings;

And in the matter of Section 266 of the Railway Act, 1919, as amended by 11 Geo. VI, Chap. 70:


J. A. Cross
Chief Commissioner

Hugh Wardrope
Assistant Chief Commissioner

J. A. Stoneman

G. A. Stone

F. M. MacPherson

Upon the recommendation of the Director of Engineering of the Board—

It is ordered that all fences on the sides of the approaches by which any highway is carried over or under any railway, or across it at rail level, heretofore made and maintained as required by Section 266 of the Railway Act as in effect prior to July 17, 1947, and in accordance with any order or orders of the Board relating thereto, are hereby approved.

J. A. Cross
Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Transport Commissioners for Canada.