The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. G.O. 167

Monday, the 3rd of
July, A.D. 1916

In the matter of the Application of the Grand Trunk, Central Vermont, Québec, Montréal & Southern, Canadian Pacific, Canadian Northern, Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo, and Ottawa & New York Railway Companies and the Wabash, Michigan Central, Pere Marquette, New York Central, Maine Central, and Boston & Maine Railroad Companies for permission to increase their freight rates on Various classes of general merchandise and commodities moving between points east of Port Arthur, Ontario.


H. L. Drayton
Chief Commissioner

D'Arcy Scott
Assistant Chief Commissioner

W. B. Nantel
Deputy Chief Commissioner

S. J. McLean
Asst. Chief Commissioner

A. S. Goodeve

Upon hearing the matter at various sittings of the Board held in the presence of Counsel for and representatives of the railway companies affected, the Dominion and the Ontario Governments, the Boards of Trade of Montréal, Toronto, Ottawa, Berlin, Gait, London, and Hespeler, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, the Brotherhoor of Railway Trainmen, the Canadian Manufacturers' Association, Dominion Millers' Association, Standard Crushed Stone Company, Limited, International Harvester Company of Canada, Limited, Montréal Corn Exchange, Canada Paper & Pulp Association, Canadian Oil Companies, Limited, Canadian Lumbermen's Association, Patterson Manufacturing Company, Price Brothers Company, The Steel Company of Canada, Limited, Breithaupt Leather Company, Limited, McLeod Milling Company, the Fruit Growers' Association, Guelph Mills, Canadian Cereal Company, Peterboro Cereal Company, Wood Milling Company, Faramel Limited, Metal Shingle and Siding Manufacturers, Canada Crushed Stone Company, Grasselli Chemical Company, Limited, Wire Fence Manufacturers, Anglo-Canadian Leather Company, Beardmore Leather Company, Laurentide Company of Montréal, Canadian Canners' Association, Canadian Retail Coal Dealers' Association, Hamilton & Toronto Sewer Pipe Company, Limited, Ontario Sewer Pipe Company, Dominion Sewer Pipe Company, Standard Clay Products, Maritime Fish Corporation, Mount Royal Milling and Manufacturing Company, Consumers' Gas Company of Toronto, Canada Sugar Refining Company, Atlantic Sugar Refineries, Limited, and the Ottawa Paint Works, the evidence adduced, and what was alleged; and upon reading the written submissions filed on behalf of the Brantford, Hamilton, and Fredericton Boards of Trade, judgment, dated June 9, 1916, was delivered by the Chief Commissioner and concurred in by the other members of the Board, a certified copy of the said judgment being attached hereto marked A

It is ordered: That the tariff changes as set forth in the judgment, which is hereby made part of this Order, be, and they are hereby, authorized.

H. L. Drayton
Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada.