The Board of
Railway Commissioners for Canada.

Order no. 24784

Thursday, the 9th of
March, A.D. 1916

In the matter of unmarketed and unstored grain in the so-called Goose Lake district, served by the lines of the Canadian Northern Railway Company, and the transportation thereof:

H. L. Drayton
Chief Commissioner

D'Arcy Scott
Assistant Chief Commissioner

S. J. McLean

A. S. Goodeve

File no. 18705.82

Upon its appearing to the Board that the Canadian Northern Railway Company is unable in the ordinary course to move the quantity of grain awaiting transportation in the Goose Lake district with reasonable despatch, within such time as will enable a large quantity of unstored grain to be moved before serious deterioration—

It is ordered,—

  1. That, until further order of the Board, the Canadian Northern Railway Company be, and it is hereby directed forthwith to place and retain in service on its Goose Lake lines not less than twelve hundred grain cars and thirty-six locomotives, to be used in transporting grain from the said district between Saskatoon and Calgary, either to the terminal elevator at Saskatoon for delivery thereto', or to the transfer tracks at Saskatoon for delivery to the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway for furtherance east, as the said grain may be consigned in either case; and that with respect to deliveries so made to the said transfer tracks, the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company, in return for each loaded car so transferred, supply the Canadian Northern Railway Company with an empty grain car in lieu thereof, so that at least twelve hundred grain cars shall at all times be engaged in the said service of transportation to Saskatoon.
  2. That the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company be, and it is hereby, directed, in so far as may be necessary, to use all its available cars and locomotives in the West for the purpose of moving the said grain from Saskatoon to eastern points.
  3. That the through rates for the joint carriage of the said grain, as herein prescribed, shall be the rates published and filed by the Canadian Northern Railway Company for the carriage of grain over its own rails, or jointly with its eastern connections as so published, east of Saskatoon, from the said points of shipment to the same destinations; the allocation of the said joint rates between the carriers hereby made parties thereto to be arranged between themselves within one week from the date of the Board's judgment herein, namely, March 4, 1916, and, failing such arrangement, to be settled by the Board, subject to such submissions in relation thereto as either railway company may desire to make, provided that the uninterrupted movement of the said grain be not impaired pending such settlement.

H. L. Drayton
Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada.