The Board of Transport
Commissioners for Canada
Commission des Transports
du Canada

Order no. G.O. 590

Thursday, the 22nd of
June, A.D. 1939

In the matter of the application o fthe Canadian National Railways for permission to equip freight cars with steel running boards instead of wood running boards.


Hugh Guthrie
Chief Commissioner

Hugh Wardrope
Assistant Chief Commissioner

J. A. Stoneman

Upon the report and recommendation of the Director, Operating Department of the Board—the Railway As-sociateion of Canada consenting—

It is ordered that the General Order of the Board No. 102, dated February 17, 1913, be amended to provide that running boards may be made of material other than wood: Provided that before any freight or other cars are equipped with running boards of material other than wood, application, accompanied by a complete set of drawings, must be made to the Board and the approval of the Board obtained before any such cars are placed in service.

Hugh Guthrie
Chief Commissioner,
The Board of Transport Commissioners for Canada.